Well almost… It’s our dream to own, operate and work at a brewery that has a positive impact on the community around it while serving delicious brews worth daydreaming about.

We’ve been working on this dream for almost a year now and every day it gets closer to a reality. Right now we’re learning about the pain points of zoning, equipment procurement and all this “licensing” stuff you’ve probably heard about from other breweries who have trailblazed ahead of us.

It might not sound like a lot of fun, but when you’re trying to make your dreams come true, you’d be surprised by what starts seeming less like a challenge and more like an opportunity to grow.

We know you’re probably looking for a couple of glory shots of beer, so here’s a few to hold you over for a recent test batch we’re working on. It’s a Carolina BBQ-inspired amber ale. Here’s hoping that it makes a way from our fermentors to a glass in your hand soon.

Come back to our blog for updates and progress on the space and hear about other things we’re dreaming about.