June 2018

Watch out walls you’re numbered! Losen up concrete, you’re about to be cut! Find a new lease mice! You’re evicted!!

It’s one thing to have a plan to do something, it’s a whole nother thing to do that thing. And that’s what we’ve been up to.

Masks on, goggles up, that’s the way we like to demo! Saftey first of course. Well… there may have been a few moment we could have been safer. BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER WHEN YOUR FIRST AID KIT IS THE SIZE OF A TINY CHILD!

Anyway, check out some of the sweet pics below and you’ll get it. Focused a bit more on the bathroom in the past couple weeks, but you know what, you’re gonna appreciate it later.


Woot woot!! Nothing feels better than hearing the word “Yes”. And we just had that happen twice… so yeah… we’re feeling pretty good right now.

The first yes came from the Newtown Planning and Zoning board. Who has approved us to open a brewery and tasting room at 57B Church Hill Road. So drop a pin and save that address to be ready to toast your friends come opening day.

The second yes came from the TTB. We were all nervous about talking to the federal government. Which is counter to everything we’ve read and heard from other breweries. And boy were they right. The TTB was great and very helpful in getting us through the approval process.

While we’ve been brewing and working on recipes without the approvals we thought it would be fun to celebrate by having a double brew session. Check out the photos below. Being that we’re dreamers we couldn’t just pick two recipes that were similar. So we brewed an East Coast IPA and a Banana Chocolate Stout.

We’re working towards having a wide range of beer options for opening, including a cider. Because it’s really tough to keep on daydreaming when you don’t have the right liquid to inspire you.

Starting construction on the new space so stay tuned for more updates.


Reverie Brewing Team