August 2018

Floor Epoxy
August 27, 2018

Finishing up the floors required an epoxy that would hold up to the use of everyday brewing needs. We looked at…

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Preparing Brewery Floors
August 15, 2018

We’ve brought on several different pros to handle aspects of the brewery build out, but we decided we could tackle the…

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Testing and Keg Cleaning
August 10, 2018

Getting a brewery built is no easy task. While we take on the work we can do, sometimes you need to…

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The Bowels Of The Brewery
August 8, 2018

One of the first, and from the brewer’s POV, most exciting parts of our demolition and build out has been to…

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Look ma, we’re on TV!!
August 5, 2018

Last week we had the pleasure of the local CBS news crew swinging by the brewery to see the initial progress…

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