August 2018

August 27, 2018

Floor Epoxy

Finishing up the floors required an epoxy that would hold up to the use of everyday brewing needs. We looked at several different companies but ended up going with Brew Floors.

We didn’t have any real regrets laying this down, other than NOT wearing short shorts when we walked around the room on our spiked shoes. They really do define a fella’s calves.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to hide those bad boys under some heavy duty rubber when it comes to brewing but alls fair game once we end the work day in the taproom.

August 15, 2018

Preparing Brewery Floors

We’ve brought on several different pros to handle aspects of the brewery build out, but we decided we could tackle the brew house floors ourselves.

A key thing that needed to be done was to self-level. Being we’re in an old contracting space there was a lot of preparation just to do that. You’ll see some photos and videos of us acid washing, degreasing, patching holes, priming and self-leveling the space.

Did it come out perfect? Well… we think it did! And when you’re living your dream all that matters is that you’re enjoying it. Give us some epoxy and we’ll be sending any liquid that graces these floors to our drains in no time flat.

August 10, 2018

Testing and Keg Cleaning

Getting a brewery built is no easy task. While we take on the work we can do, sometimes you need to find other things to do while the pros get the job done.

A couple of things we’ve been up to is testing different beer recipes and washing kegs.

Our friends over at Broken Symmetry in Bethel, were kind enough to let us wash some kegs on their washer that we’ve recently purchased. If you haven’t been there yet, do yourself a favor and get there. While you’re there do yourself a second favor and get some tacos.

The beer pictured below we call Bog Gone! Here’s a description for ya:

Ah, summer. Time for sun, BBQs and bug repellent. But BOG GONE if it doesn’t happen every year before you realize it, fall is here and you’re caught out in the frigid air with an inappropriate top telling your coworkers the cold doesn’t bother you. But your friends know better.

This IPA is in honor of those fond summer memories with a nod to the upcoming fall season pleasantries. Like Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins. Including the cranberry sauce.

Helping you stay pleasantly lost in your own reverie. Cheers!

We hope to serve it to you soon in our taproom!

One of the first, and from the brewer’s POV, most exciting parts of our demolition and build out has been to get the drainage sorted.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been degreasing the floors, planning the drainage and getting them ready to install the trench drains.

While the Reverie Dream Team would love to have at a giant slab of concrete with some larger than life saws, this is one job better left to the pros. But we’re all amazed to see how fast they can work once the cutting starts!

Check out some of the photos from the progress so far. Next steps will be pouring concrete, leveling floors and the oh so wonderful-squeegee-friendly epoxy application. All in preparation of the shiny new equipment that’s floating around the sea somewhere.

August 5, 2018

Look ma, we’re on TV!!

Last week we had the pleasure of the local CBS news crew swinging by the brewery to see the initial progress and raise a glass (ok, solo cup) for good luck towards a successful buildout for an opening this fall.

You can check out the story here.

They’ll be coming back at the end of September for round two and a progress update, so stay tuned!