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November 4, 2018

CBS News Part Three

CBS continues the story on our build out, hopefully, the next one will be us toasting a glass in an open tap room!

October 12, 2018

Placing The Equipment

We’ve been waiting to move the equipment as we’ve needed some more equipment and services to get her up and running. We had it stored in the back warehouse to protect it from the hazards of the working area. It was just too expensive to buy hard hats for everything (be cool I’m a dad now, I can make jokes like that).

Once we get it in place New Look Stainless has to come back to help with the piping and we’re about to begin wiring the panel to all the various motors, pumps, lights and solenoids.

But man is it really starting to feel like a brewery!

September 23, 2018

CBS News Part Duece

Here’s a clip from the second installment of CBS’s coverage on our progress, just in case you missed it.

View the news clip here

September 15, 2018

Hey dude, you missed a spot…

It just never seems to end…the number of things that you need to paint in a building to make it look extra special for our patrons. However, our Founder Ryan is ready to start another business as a professional painter at this point.

He’s been leading the charge in getting the ceilings, walls, other walls, corners, another wall, ceiling again, and that other wall painted. But, we’ve also had a big helping hand from a lot of people, as Mark, Ryan’s Dad/co-owner and wife, Suzie, meticulously hand scrubbed that wall to get decades of dust and dirt off.

Oh wait… did somebody forget to get the windows? Here’s a pale ale and a paintbrush friend. If you’d be so kind to get up on that step ladder…

We’ve been waiting months for these shiny beauties to arrive. We ordered a brand new system from New Look Stainless. Thank the beer lords that we had the drains and epoxy done in time for its arrival, since we were drooling gallons of liquid on the floor as the truck doors swung open.

Our system is a 10 BBL brewhouse with a 15 BBL mash tun and 30 BBL HLT. We’re opening with 4 20 BBL fermenters and 1 20 BBL Brite tank, all of which you’ll be able to salivate over yourselves from the comfort of the tap room.

Now we just need to get her hooked up and running so we can start making tasty beverages for everyone’s 21+ mouths.

Hoping to be serving you soon!

August 27, 2018

Floor Epoxy

Finishing up the floors required an epoxy that would hold up to the use of everyday brewing needs. We looked at several different companies but ended up going with Brew Floors.

We didn’t have any real regrets laying this down, other than NOT wearing short shorts when we walked around the room on our spiked shoes. They really do define a fella’s calves.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to hide those bad boys under some heavy duty rubber when it comes to brewing but alls fair game once we end the work day in the taproom.