• Reverie Brewery Current Line Up

    Our list of beers awaiting to be sipped at the tasting room.


Double Dipper | DIPA | 9.1%

It seems too easy to steal from your employers sometimes. A paper clip here. A post-it note there. 3 hours to research that new sofa you need for the living room. That’s called time theft my friend. It’s also known as “double dipping”. And don’t worry… your secret is safe with us.

We brewed this beer to take the edge off of that stress you feel after heavy hours of double dipping and not working on that sales deck because you needed to get the best fantasy line up this coach has ever coached!

Just like the name implies, it’s a Double IPA with Citra hops. Perfect for relaxing those tense shoulders after a hard day’s work.

POURS 10oz: $6  | 16oz: —       GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16       CANS  $16

Redwood | West Coast IPA | 7.2%

Fun fact, the proper name for redwoods are Sequoioideae. Another fun fact, West Coast style IPAs are still just as delicious as they ever were.

We know there are a ton of New England style IPAs on the shelves these days, and you’ll probably be seeing us reach for one of them from time to time. But sometimes, sometimes we need to remember our roots.

West Coast style IPAs helped the craft beer category make a name for itself, so we wanted to try our hands at bringing another one to the table. This IPA has been generously hopped with Cascade and Nugget hops to bring out the bitter and piney flavors we come to love from the style. We hope you enjoy!

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $8       GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16       CANS $16

Barn 9 | American IPA | 7%

You never know where you’ll be when inspiration hits. Some people think the outdoors helps them, others claim that late at night is key to their success. Well the catalyst for Reverie Brewing Co was at Barn Nine. That’s where Ryan first said “I want to open a brewery”.

And this beer is in celebration of that moment and style of beer he was drinking. An IPA with Citra and Motueka hops a great combination of citrus and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

Here’s to hoping it inspires you to live your dreams.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS  $14

Whiteout | White Ale | 4.2%

Spiced with chamomile, coriander and orange peel this beer is brewed with a generous portion of wheat and has subtle ester flavors making for a refreshing and slightly herbal beer.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS $14

You’re On Mute  | Kölsch | 5.4%


POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS: $14

Fruit of the Zoom | Kölsch w Raspberry and Lime | 5.4%


POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7      GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS: $14

These Girls Can | White IPA w Pink Boots Blend Hops| 6.1%

Brewed by all the female members of Reverie’s Dream Team! A dry White IPA featuring phenolic notes with a touch of bananas from Munich Yeast strain, complimented by tropical and citrus flavors from the Pink Boots hop blend.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS: $14

Waterfall | NEIPA | 7.2%

A ledge waterfall only partially touches the bedrock as it falls. A cascade waterfall descends over rocks that look like steps. A cataract waterfall is big, powerful, and dangerous. And the list goes on and on of your favorite type of waterfalls. Well, get ready to add this one to your list.

The waterfall you’re holding in your hand will flow over your lips and through your gums to say hello to your tummy with pleasant notes of ripe stone fruits, mango, guava, and citrus from heavy additions Rakau and HBC 586 hops.

The perfect companion for sipping on when flipping through your “best waterfalls of 2017” photo album while on the back porch in your rocker. If you listen closely enough, you can hear us creating a waterfall of our own with you as we pour one of these in a glass. Can you hear that? Yeah. You can.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $8       GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16      CANS $16

Gather Round| Spiced Marzen | 5.8%

Gather Round the hearth me children and I will tell you a tale of bold, majestic, mightiness the likes of which as nay been seen! Dad this isn’t going to be the story about your vasectomy again is it? Aye! Ugghhhh.

Holiday seasons are meant for being with families and sharing stories of things you wish you didn’t have to share stories about… again… Well at least you can enjoy the family tales with our winter warmer inspired lager. We took our malty marzen and spiced it with ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and cinnamon to give you that warm fuzzy feeling your mom’s prom story might not be leaving you with.

Here’s to family, prost!

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14      CANS: $14

Borough Brown| Brown Ale | 4.7%

As the sun rises… On a warm and bright Newtown mornin’… A bearded little brewer is brewing… In the borough (in the borough)…

And his steam line cries… ‘Cause if there’s one thing that it’s going to do… Is heat some wort for thirsty mouths to feed… In the borough (in the borough)…

People, don’t you understand… The brewer needs a helping hand… Or he’ll have to drink all this roasty brown ale himself… Take a look at you and me… Are we too blind to see… Do we simply turn our heads, and look the other way?

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14      CANS: SOLD OUT

Reverie Hard Cider |Dry Cider|5.5%

Option to add flavor shots (Blood Orange, Smoked Black Cherry, White Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry, Cane Sugar)

16 oz GLASS $7

Pick Me Up |Tiramisu Stout | 11.4%

With B.D. Provisions coffee

PINTS 10oz: $6  | 16oz: —      GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16       CANS: $16

Peach’N’Berries |Berliner Weisse | 3.4%

Oh, PEACH’N’BERRIES! I just stepped in dog poo! Ugghhh, peach’n’berries, they removed New Girl from Hulu! What the peach’n’berries do you think you’re doing? Give me back my Ray Bans!

This isn’t a pastry beer based on your grandmother’s famous peach and blackbeery cobbler recipe. It’s quite the opposite. A low ABV, dried out, sour complimented by Peach and Blackberry puree. Something that may not have the kids screaming about on the beer threads, but it will give you something to whoop about when you try it.

This Berliner Weisse has been kettle soured to a point that allows for a nice sour compliment to the fruit but doesn’t completely dominate your palette, allowing some of the original malt character to shine through. We are you to get your peach’n’beery hands around one.

PINTS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14      CANS: $14

Fries Aren’t Food | Dopplebock | 8%

Did you know that Doppelbock’s were first brewed in Munich by the Paulaner Frairs and were dubbed “liquid bread” by the Friars during their times of fasting when solid food was not allowed?
That would never fly under our Supreme Leader Ned’s watch. Fries aren’t even considered a real meal so a tasty, sweet, high ABV Dopplebock has no shot as being classified as such!
Introducing “Fries Aren’t Food” – Doppelbock (8%) is on tap and in cans to go this Thursday!

PINTS 10oz: $6  | 16oz: —      GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS: $14

Cask Release | Imperial Stout | 12.5%

As part of our barrel aging program, the majority of this stout is aging in the back in bourbon barrels. 

We set aside a small amount and cask conditioned it and it is ready for small tasters today!

PINTS 5oz: $4  | 16oz: —      GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —      CANS:


Barrel Aged Small Batch Series #1| Imperial Stout | 12.6%

This imperial stout is aged 9 months in Litchfield Distillery bourbon barrels and modeled after an old fashioned cocktail – so it includes cherry, vanilla and orange peel.

Taproom: —    GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       22oz Bottle to go $19

Rev Up The Bubbles | Mango Hard Seltzer | 5.1%


Taproom Can: $5       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $11

Rev Up The Bubbles | Passion Fruit Hard Seltzer | 5.1%


Taproom Can: $5       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $11

Rev Up The Bubbles | Variety Pack (Mango, Pineapple, Passion Fruit) | 5.1%


Taproom Can: $5       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $11

Sourry Not Sourry | Gruit | 4.2%

Beer exploration gives us a bad itch. And baby, we’ve had the baddest. You holdin’ something savage. You can have this can, have this (ah). And it’d be nice if it had hops or wild yeast ya, but nah.

Sourry Not Sourry.

We made this beer for everyone, but we have to dare to all you sour lovers and hop heads out there to try it. You’ll be amazed by a beer made without hops or wild yeasts. This beer was made with Elder Flower, Green Cardamom and Cracked Fennel. Delivering a surprisingly tart and sessionable beer with notes of spearmint and licorice.

Taproom Can: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $14

Palsmarter | Cream Ale | 5.6%

If beers had a King, then this beer would be… well let’s be honest, beers would never have a king. They’re way too diverse and independent to bow their frothy heads to one beer alone.

While people have made claim of who’s king we won’t deny their right to soapbox, but we will produce beers of the same style to which these claims have been made.

 And while we won’t say one beer is better than the other, we are proud to say this is one beer that’s going to make you want to whip out that lawnmower and slap on your flops with a foot of snow out the door.

 With a low bitterness and mild malt body, this is an easy beer to enjoy with your pal… friend… bud…

Taproom Can: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $14


Oh The Wonder | Imperial Coffee Stout Aged in Basil Hayden Barrels | 9.1%

And, Oooo the wonder.. mmhmm.. felt the lightning. Last summer when you were workin’ on your night moves with our Coffee Imperial Stout, we were working on our own night moves and aging some of that delicious stout in bourbon barrels.

Seven months later our collaboration child with BD Provisions and Rooster Malt is ready to enjoy with sipping pleasure. The delicious chocolate, sweet maltyness and delightful coffee flavor from the beer are now well complimented by notes of vanilla, oak and a mellow bourbon sweetness.

So grab a glass and let us wonder at your night moves.

PINTS 10oz: —   | 16oz: —       GROWLERS 32oz: —   |  64oz: —       CANS $20

Plum Palooza | Belgian Style Golden Ale w Plum | 10.4%

Back again and freshly canned! Our holiday celebration beer in collaboration with Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery. Plum Palooza!

We revisited the recipe for this Belgium Golden Strong Ale featuring Plums to deliver more holiday cheer! Higher in ABV and stronger esters from a different yeast blend, it’s one beer that’s sure to tickle your holiday fancies!

And if you’re not excited enough about it, we’ve also taken a portion of it and packed a couple wine barrels full of many pleasantly plummy plum puckering pints! Stay tuned for updates on its release!

PINTS 10oz: —   | 16oz: —       GROWLERS 32oz: —   |  64oz: —       CANS $16


Aquila’s Nest Vineyards  | Wine By The Glass | Sandy Hook, CT

Princess of Troy – Merlot


Jonathan Edwards Winery | Wine By The Glass | North Stonington, CT

Stone Table White
Cabernet Sauvignon

GLASS $8.50

Sound Tea | Tea Infused Sparkling Water| Alcohol Free

Blood Orange + Vanilla Black Tea (45mg caffeine)
Grapefruit + Lavender Ginger Tea (Caffeine free)
Tangerine + Lemongrass Green Tea (45mg caffeine)

Can $4


LesserEvil |Snacks

Firey Hot – Paleo Puffs

“No Cheese” Cheesynees – Paleo Puffs

Ranch – Veggie Sticks

Himalayan Pink Salt – Veggie Sticks

BAG $5

Charcuterie Board

Variety of crackers, cheeses, salami, almonds and pretzels


Bureau’s Sugarhouse | Maple Kettle Korn

BAG $4

West Side Jerky | Beef Jerky

Hot & Spicy

BAG $9

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