• Reverie Brewery Current Line Up

    Our list of beers awaiting to be sipped at the tasting room.

Flexural Strength | PB Wee Heavy | 9.2%

Most people tend to take their work home with them. Sometimes it manifests as repetitive grumblings to your loved ones and other times it means you won’t eat fish cause Jerry brought in ANOTHER tuna fish salad sandwich today…
This beer, however, is inspired by a dream the brewer had when we were installing the floor for the brewery. In it a thick slump of concrete drops to the floor and a void forms where you might expect a mouth to be requesting him to “add more peanut butter”. Well, this is what happens when you follow your dreams.
A Wee Heavy Ale with peanut butter, enjoy this one with caution.

Double Dipper | CITRA DIPA | 9.1%

It seems too easy to steal from your employers sometimes. A paper clip here. A post-it note there. 3 hours to research that new sofa you need for the living room. That’s called time theft my friend. It’s also known as “double dipping”. And don’t worry… your secret is safe with us.
We brewed this beer to take the edge off of that stress you feel after heavy hours of double dipping and not working on that sales deck because you needed to get the best fantasy line up this coach has ever coached!
Just like the name implies, it’s a Double IPA with Citra hops. Perfect for relaxing those tense shoulders after a hard day’s work.

Blimp | New England IPA | 6.7%

A blimp uses less fuel in two weeks than it takes a 747 airplane just to taxi to the runway. FACT. There are more astronauts in the world than blimp pilots. FACT. You can fit 75 million golf balls in a blimp. FACT. The Blimp you’re holding in your hands is loaded with Galaxy and Amarillo hops. FACT.

We get it, not only do you get a slight tickle when thinking about a hazy beer loaded with Galaxy, but you get that tickle when you look up in the sky and see a blimp floating by. That’s why we released this beer. Something to give you a tickle since you’re more likely to meet an astronaut than a blimp pilot.

So why not grab this beer, gaze up at the horizon, and daydream with a Blimp.

I’m a Little Teapot | Berliner Weisse | 3.9%

I’m a little teapot,
Light and sour,
Here is my handle
Get ready to devour
When Frank gets me steamed up,
Hear me shout
Tip up your glass and pour me out
I’m a very German teapot
Yes, it’s true
Brewed in the big kettle
To be enjoyed by you,
I’m so refreshing you surely shout
Tip up your glass and pour me out.

Udderly Tickled | American Wheat Ale | 6.2%

Moohehehehe. Do you hear that? No, hear what? Shhhh… listen… Mooohehehe. There! That! It’s like some type of snickering or something. Ooohhh, thaaaaattt. I forgot you weren’t on the farm last wheat season. That’s just the dairy cows walking through the wheat pasture. Wheat’s just at the right height this time of year, gives them a case of the chuckles. And you’ll be tickled to with each sip of this American Wheat beer. With a light grainy wheat flavor, that lingers into the finish. This beer also features a moderate bitterness and finishes dry. Grab a glass and be as tickled as a dairy cow in wheat season.

Palsmärter | Cream Ale | 5.6%

If beers had a King, then this beer would be… well let’s be honest, beers would never have a king. They’re way too diverse and independent to bow their frothy heads to one beer alone. While people have made claim of who’s king we won’t deny their right to soapbox, but we will produce beers of the same style to which these claims have been made.

 And while we won’t say one beer is better than the other, we are proud to say this is one beer that’s going to make you want to whip out that lawnmower and slap on your flops with a foot of snow out the door.

 With a low bitterness and mild malt body, this is an easy beer to enjoy with your pal… friend… bud…

Not Hot, Sticky Sweet | Nitro Milk Stout | 5.5%

Not hot, sticky sweet, from the head to your seat… pour some lactose sugar down your moooouuttthhhh. Ooh, in the name of beer. Pour some lactose sugar down your mooouuttthhh
C’mon, fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
I can’t get enough

Ethyl Formate | Fruit Porter | 6.0%

It never gets old. Gazing up at the night sky, wondering; what type of cheese is the moon made of? Is the milky way 1 or 2%? Why does that cloudy bit in the center smell like raspberries?

Well that’s Ethyl Formate my dear friend. And space scientists agree that the chemical at the center of our galaxy is the same found in raspberries. That’s why we made this porter loaded with raspberries. It pours dark so you can get lost in endless thought like staring into the night sky but every now and again you get a hit of raspbeery from ol’ Ethyl when your mouth wanders to the glass.

The perfect companion for your stargazing adventures.

Chock Full O Nut’in | Nut Brown Ale | 4.0%

Does this beer contain any nuts? I have a peanut allergy. It’s Choke Full O Nut’in. Haha, OK, thanks… but seriously does it have nuts in it I’m like DEATHLY allergic to nuts. Like I said, it’s Choke Full O Nut’in. Right… but I see here it says “nut” brown ale. Does that mean you put “nuts” in the beer? Nut’in. Ugh, just give me a cider.

Unfortunately sometimes life forces you to get complicated. Fortunately, though there’s a beer like Choke Full O Nut’in, a sessionable beer nicely balanced with biscuit, chocolate, and caramel malt flavors. Complimented by slight hop bitterness.

And to answer the peanut question, it’s Choke Full O Nut’in.

Soak Up The Berries | Strawberry Lemon Blonde Ale | 5.2%

Here comes the berries doo doo doo doo, here comes the lemon, and say, it’s alright. Well, actually I say it’s fantastic! Just in time for more sun, warmer weather, and hanging outside we bring you a refreshing light blonde ale with lemon peel and strawberries to welcome the spring season.

There’s nothing sweet about this beer, it’s well balanced with all flavors and super sessionable. Just what everyone needs after a rough day from their annual strawberry hunting excursion.

So why not get your berry pickin’ hands around a pint?

Rooster Pils | Pilsner | 4.5%

A rooster crowing in the distance brings fond thoughts of a simpler life. A rooster crowing out your window… brings fond thoughts of drumsticks. Consider this pilsner more of the cock a doodle doo you hear off in the distance.

Made with CT Malt from Rooster Malt and brewed in a town that embodies the spirit of the rooster, Newtown, this pilsner was made to enjoy with high spirits. It pours super pale and has a light citrus nose from the addition of Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops.

Come sip and cock a doodle doo with us.

Weekend At BB’s | Pale Ale | 5.0%

It’s 4 pm. On a Saturday. BB is watching your daughter. You and your wife haven’t been out on the town for months. And 4 pm is one FINE time to be out on the town. What do you do? Find a dive bar. The only problem is finding the right beer to treat yo’self with.

Luckily, we found one. This beer was inspired by those other moments you enjoy about your children. When they’re safely being put to bed by BB. A light-bodied refreshing pale ale that drinks like an IPA. Featuring notes of grapefruit and citrus this sessionable beer will make sure you’re not walking into the door to toast BB until a very late… 9 pm.

Here’s to all the BB’s.

Viva La Lager | Mexican Style Dark Lager | 5.2%

With summer on the way, lager season approaches. Viva La Lager! We wanted to bring you a lager that could be enjoyed all day and with any meal. While it still has a light flavor profile it’s bold enough to hold up to whatever summer occasion you have planned.

At first sip you’re left with a mild sweetness that gives way to some hop bitterness. By your next sip you’re enjoying the myriad of flavors from several malts, including caramel, roasted barley, and corn. And by the third sip you’re raising your fist to the air and shouting Viva La Lager with us!

So here’s to that next sip and enjoying a lager filled summer.

Sourry Not Sourry | Gruit | 4.2%

Beer exploration gives us a bad itch. And baby, we’ve had the baddest. You holdin’ something savage. You can have this can, have this (ah). And it’d be nice if it had hops or wild yeast ya, but nah. Sourry Not Sourry.

We made this beer for everyone, but we have to dare to all you sour lovers and hop heads out there to try it. You’ll be amazed by a beer made without hops or wild yeasts. This beer was made with Elder Flower, Green Cardamom, and Cracked Fennel.

Delivering a surprisingly tart and sessionable beer with notes of spearmint and licorice.

Passion Fruit Kisses | Passion Fruit Wheat Beer | 5.5%

Passion Fruit kisses, woohoohoo, Passion Fruit kisses. This wheat beer was made with yeast that imparts a fruity and phenolic character that is complemented by tangy passion fruit added after primary fermentation.

This refreshing summer beer is one that’s sure to be enjoyed by you and some friends. Or maybe it’s a great opening for a friend you’re looking to get more passionate with… and if it is, you’re welcome.

Just doing our part to help people live out their daydreams.

Sweet Amber Of Mine | Amber Ale | 4.6%

Whoa OOH HOOO SWEET AMBER OF MINE OOO YEAH… Oooooo sweet amber of miyiiiinnneeee.

A malt forward amber ale with a touch of caramel flavor and subtle floral compliments from Columbus hops.

Oo, A Woodchuck! | NEIPA | 7.3%

A hazy IPA with notes of stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruits from a heavy addition of Cashmere and Wai-iti hops


Double Dipper

Flexural Strength


Rooster Pils

Viva La Lager

Sourry Not Sourry

Passion Fruit Kisses

Oo, A Woodchuck

Soak Up The Berries

Udderly Tickled

Not Hot Sticky Sweet

I’m A Little Teapot


Ethyl Formate

Weekend At BB’s

Sweet Amber Of Mine

Oh The Wonder – Coffee Stout [22 oz bottles]

Other Libations and Offerings

While we’d love for you to try and enjoy our beers we get it, that may not be your thing. So we offer several other drinking options for you to enjoy in our taproom, including:

Additionally, feel free to bring in your own food or have it delivered. We will offer food trucks on most weekends. Please check our social media for updates about who we have planned to be at the brewery. But we also offer snacks from B.D. Provisions,  Drunk Alpaca, and Jerky from West Side Jerky and Righteous Felon Beef Jerky

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