• Reverie Brewery Current Line Up

    Our list of beers awaiting to be sipped at the tasting room.

OO, a Whale| New England IPA | 7.1%

Ugghh, it’s so hot here. Why do we always have to come to the Aquarium in August? So many kids running around with their aquatic pool germ hands. I swear I saw one eat some of the penguin poo… OOOHOOHOOO A WHALE! HAHA EVERY YEAR GETS ME EVERY BLUBBERIN’ TIME! I LOVE WHALES! IIIIII OOOVVEEE AAAHHLLESSSS! Hahaha, see I’m talking Whale to it, it loves me.

If you’ve forgot why you love Galaxy hops in an IPA then try this beer. One of the best hops you can get to compliment the NEIPA style. We put a heavy amount of them in this beer along with Columbus hops to give you a tropical and citrus bomb.

Have fun enjoying this whale of a beer.

Peach Buzz | Kölsch | 4.4%

Peaches come from the store. They are in this beer and more. We added kiwis so you wont frooowwwwnnnn. If you know the Presidents Of The United States, then you know what we’re singing about!

When we made our dry hopped Kolsch we thought it would be great to add some additional character to it. Being that it had a slight lime hint we decided to pair that with peaches and kiwis. While this beer still strongly resembles the original you will get a slight please flavor from peaches and kiwis that were added in the secondary.

Just like our last beer, at least then you’ll have one decision that’s easy, enjoying another one.

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand | Hefeweizen | 5.7%

There’s always money in the banana stand. OK, there’s actually no bananas in this beer, and it’s not actually a stand BUT there is a pleasing banana flavor brought on by the yeast we used.

We additionally took our time with this beer during the mash to help those yeast extract some more banana flavor from the heavy amount of wheat malt that was used. This is a dry wheat beer with unique esters and phenols of banana and a subtle hit of cloves complimented by a modest addition of Lemondrop hops.

So how much clearer can we say say, “There’s always money in the banana stand!”

OO, AN AARDVARK | New England IPA | 7.0%

Go on a Safari they said… you’ll have a great time they said… you’ll never get lost from the group they said… bunch of lint lickin’ liars! When I get back to the club house I’m packing my suitcase and heading to space camp like I should have! That’ll sho… what’s that?? It better not be a lion… If you’re a lion nearby you need to tell me! Lion?? OO, AN AARDVARK! I LOVE SAFARIS!

This NEIPA has as varied hop additions as the types of animals you’d find on Safari. With Citra, Motueka, Pacific Jade, Amarillo and Cascade all combining to bring in some pleasing fruity characters complimented by a straw colored malt body.

Grab one and enjoy your own hop Safari.

Rye Smile | Rye IPA | 8.4%

Thanks for feeding my dog while I’m away, I left his food in that bin. I’ll be back in a week. Justin sipped his beer, nodded and gave her a rye smile. Umm… so it’s pretty simple, just a cup in the morning and one at night. Justin sipped his beer and offered that rye smile again. Riigghtt… and make sure the water is clean. Again, Justin gave her the rye smile as he finished his beer. Justin! Stop talking in the third person and giving me beers! I have to pack first!

You’ll be sharing a rye smile with your friends too after tasting this beer. The balance has is hop-forward with fruity notes, a clean fermentation profile, dry finish, and a nice balance of spice from the rye malt.

We hope to see your rye smile sipping this beer.

Not Another Pumpkin Bear | Pumpkin Porter | 6.8%

Not another pumpkin beer! A PUMPKIN BEAR?! WHERE?! Not bear, beeeerr. Oh right and I’m supposed to trust there’s not a vicious pumpkin bear waiting around the corner to eat me now? This is just like the toilet snake Kyle!

You may be saying something similar to yourself about pumpkin beer season. A pleasing looking ale, ready to be sipped, and then wham! Might as well strap on your Uggs and parade around town with your spiced latte. We’re not going to tell you to take your uggs off, but this chocolate pumpkin porter doesn’t require them.

Nicely balanced with pumpkin and spices, it’s something you don’t need to fear.

Lederhosen | Oktoberfest/Marzen | 5.8%

Strike up the music the band has begun, The Pennsylvania Polka! Or whichever polka for that matter. We don’t really care, so long as you’re polkaing with a glass of this in your hand.

Our Marzen has been lagering behind the brewery wall all summer long waiting for it’s chance to polka its way to the taps. With a nice blend of bread and toastyness form the malt this is a pleasing beer to welcome the fall season with.

So strap on those lederhosen and come polka with us!

Totes Maoats | Oatmeal Stout | 4.2%

You want to come to come to the mall with me later? I have to get some new shoes. Totes Maoats, dude. Maybe after you can help me move my furniture around, my girlfriend has been asking. Totes. MA-oats. Sweet and then if you wouldn’t mind, maybe you could help me hang some drywall. Maoats, bro.

Just like having a great friend this beer won’t let you down. A sessionable oatmeal stout with notes of chocolate, roasted malt and a hint of sweetness from the nitro.

We Totes Maoates this beer.

I Amber-y Excited | Amber Ale | 5.2%

First, we’re going to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to get new linens… I Amber-y Excited. And then we’ll head over to Lowes for new paint in the bathroom… I Amber-y Excited. After that, we can weed the front yard and… I Amber-y Excited… Kyle! Are you even listening to me or are you just saying the name of that beer every time you sip it?

…I Amber-y Excited… This malt-forward beer is definitely something to get excited about. Our first traditional amber, no spices added, this beer has subtle caramel sweetness and pleasing earthy bitterness.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this beer.

Sais-easy-on | Spiced Saison | 5.6%

Getting yourself all worked up again? Traffic troubles, they didn’t have the shoe you wanted in your size, you’ve signed yourself up for three deadlines you can’t meet.

You just need to go Sais-easy-on yourself, man. Try this nice Saison with Chamomile and Ginger. Perfect for easing the tension of picking what Netflix show to watch.

That’s it, relax. Now, why don’t you share one with a friend who needs to go Sais-easy-on themselves?

Singles Cruise | SMASH Pale Ale | 4.7%

We’re going snorkelingggggggg! Wooo! Who’s coming with me? No? Nobody? Nobody wants to float with a sea turtle? Spin with a seahorse? Taunt a clownfish?!!

Who needs anybody when you’re snorkeling anyway? All you need is the water and your little fishy friends. And after a long day of fighting the surf, you can reminisce about all the new fishy friends you made with this beer.

Made with local malt from Rooster Malt and CTZ hops.

Other Libations and Offerings

While we’d love for you to try and enjoy our beers we get it, that may not be your thing. So we offer several other drinking options for you to enjoy in our taproom, including:

Additionally, feel free to bring in your own food or have it delivered. We will offer food trucks on most weekends. Please check our social media for updates about who we have planned to be at the brewery. But we also offer snacks from B.D. Provisions and Jerky from Righteous Felon Beef Jerky.

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