• Reverie Brewery Current Line Up

    Our list of beers awaiting to be sipped at the tasting room.


Pumpkin Fest | Pumpkin Ale | 5.7% – Reverie x LaBonne’s

A lightly spiced pumpkin ale featuring roasted chocolate and caramel notes with a pleasing blend of pumpkin and spices.


POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS  $14

Weekend at BB’s | Session IPA | 4.6%

It’s 4pm. On a Saturday. BB is watching your daughter. You and your wife haven’t been out on the town for months. And 4pm is one FINE time to be out on the town. What do you do? Find a dive bar. The only problem is finding the right beer to treat yo’self with. Luckily, we found one. This beer was inspired by those other moments you enjoy about your children. When they’re safely being put to bed by BB. A light bodied refreshing beer. Featuring notes of grapefruit and citrus this session-able beer will make sure you’re not walking through the door to toast BB until a very late… 9pm. Here’s to all the BB’s.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS  $14

Man-Go On With Your Bad Self | Mango & Lime Kölsch | 5.1%

We all have that friend – master crafter, planning queen, pink hair having, Fast and the Furious loving, vaccine appointment SLAYER. No? Too specific?

Well surely we all have a friend we can always count on, someone who is always there for you. And if you’re lucky, someone that will refresh their browser endlessly to book you convenient vaccine appointments sooner than seemed possible.

Cheers to all the great friends out there. 🎶We’re all in this together🎶

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS  $14

Palsmärter | Cream Ale | 5.6%

If beers had a King, then this beer would be… well let’s be honest, beers would never have a king. They’re way too diverse and independent to bow their frothy heads to one beer alone. While people have made claim of who’s king we won’t deny their right to soapbox, but we will produce beers of the same style to which these claims have been made.

 And while we won’t say one beer is better than the other, we are proud to say this is one beer that’s going to make you want to whip out that lawnmower and slap on your flops with a foot of snow out the door.

 With a low bitterness and mild malt body, this is an easy beer to enjoy with your pal… friend… bud…

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS  $14

Out on the Brown  | Brown Ale | 3.4%

First we took you to the the Borough of Brown, now we’re gonna take you Out on the Brown. Because we like you and want to show you off. Just like we’re showing off this brown ale with roasted malt, chocolate character a medium body just ready to be show off all around town. It has a low hop bitterness and ABV allowing the malts some prime time to shine. We hope you enjoy!

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS: $14

Blimp | NEIPA | 6.7%

A blimp uses less fuel in two weeks than it takes a 747 airplane just to taxi to the runway. FACT. There are more astronauts in the world than blimp pilots. FACT. You can fit 75 million golf balls in a blimp. FACT. The Blimp you’re holding in your hands is loaded with Galaxy and Amarillo hops. FACT.

We get it, not only do you get a slight tickle when thinking about a hazy beer loaded with Galaxy, but you get that tickle when you look up in the sky and see a blimp floating by. That’s why we released this beer. Something to give you a tickle since you’re more likely to meet an astronaut than a blimp pilot.

So why not grab this beer, gaze up at the horizon, and daydream with a Blimp.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS: $14

Barn 9 | American IPA | 7%

You never know where you’ll be when inspiration hits. Some people think the outdoors helps them, others claim that late at night is key to their success. Well the catalyst for Reverie Brewing Co was at Barn Nine. That’s where Ryan first said “I want to open a brewery”.

And this beer is in celebration of that moment and style of beer he was drinking. An IPA with Citra, Motueka and Willamette hops.

Here’s to hoping it inspires you to live your dreams.

PINTS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7      GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14     CANS: $14

Cold Brew | Coffee Porter | 7%

Wake up. Get dressed. Get coffee. Go about your day. Wake up. Get dressed. Get coffee. Go about your day. Wake up. Get dressed. Start to sweat?! Get cold brewed coffee. Go about your day.

Summer is the season for iced cold brewed coffee. It’s less acidic and less bitter than your standard cup of Joe. We wanted to pair that coffee profile with a beer that was made in a similar fashion. We not only cold steeped coffee from Redding Roasters to make some delicious cold brew, but we cold steeped our dark grains to reduce the amount of bitterness introduced into this beer.

The process is a bit more time intensive, but the results are worth it. This beer has a smooth body which allows more malt sweetness to shine forward than your standard porter. The addition of Kenyan coffee adds a full body coffee richness you’d expect in your morning routine. One sip and you might just reconider that morning routine one more time.

PINTS 10oz: $6  | 16oz: —      GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16      CANS: $16

Oolong for the Limes | Berliner Weisse | 3.4%

Collab with Phinney’s Local Grocer

This straw colored wheat beer has tastes of clean lactic sourness that is balanced out by tartness and salty black lime + grassy oolong tea curated by Phinney’s. While there seems like there’s a lot going on in this beer you’ll be happily surprised by how well the flavors meld to deliver on a refreshing summer sipper.

This Berliner Weisse was curated by Phinney’s with black lime and oolong tea.

*Black lime made at Phinney’s. 

*Nantou Four Seasons oolong tea from In Pursuit of Tea.

PINTS  10oz: $5 | 16oz: $7      GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS $14

Totes MaOats | Oatmeal Stout | 4.2%

You want to come to come to the mall with me later? I have to get some new shoes. Totes MOats, dude. Maybe after you can help me move my furniture around, my girlfriend has been asking. Totes. MA-oats. Sweet and then if you wouldn’t mind, maybe you could help me hang some drywall. MaOats, bro.

Just like having a great friend this beer wont let you down. A session-able oatmeal stout with notes of chocolate and roasted malt.

We Totes MaOates this beer.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14      CANS: $14

Reverie Hard Cider |Dry Cider|5.5%

A dry and fizzy hard cider made right here at the brewery with delicate notes of apples.

Like your cider sweet or flavored? Add a flavor shot (Blood Orange, Smoked Black Cherry, White Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry, Cane Sugar)

16 oz GLASS $7

Oo, A Husky Video | NEIPA | 6.8%

A New England style IPA with Idaho Gem and El Dorado hops. Oh, and if you see Shane, ask him to show you the husky video.

Or you can watch it here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBY1SeGFfDQ

PINTS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $8      GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16       CANS: $16


Sourry Not Sourry | Gruit with Spices | 4.2%

Beer exploration gives us a bad itch. And baby, we’ve had the baddest. You holdin’ something savage. You can have this can, have this (ah). And it’d be nice if it had hops or wild yeast ya, but nah.

Sourry Not Sourry.

We made this beer for everyone, but we have to dare to all you sour lovers and hop heads out there to try it. You’ll be amazed by a beer made without hops or wild yeasts. This beer was made with Elderflower, Green Cardamom and Cracked Fennel. Delivering a surprisingly tart and session-able beer with notes of spearmint and licorice.

POURS Taproom Can: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS – $14

Pug | NEIPA | 6.2%

Well, I think if we’re going to get a dog we need one with some real character. No, not the Labradoodle, it’s like a Ron Perlman with low shower pressure. Ugh, no, not the Shar Pei it’d be like having Gordon Ramsay harassing you every time you serve him food. Now… maybe… maybe the French Bulldog, it’d kind of be like having a wacked out Jack Bla…

Oo, A Pug! Now YOU my squishy little friend are the Jon Lovitz of dogs! Oooohh, ACTING! Hahaha, remember that, remember that from SNL? HAHAHA! It stinks! Hahaha, can you just see the two of us on the couch, saying “It Stinks”, just like the critic?! Jon you’re coming home with papa!

Get Pug excited. IPA. Sorachi Ace and Cascade Hops.

POURS Taproom Can: $7      GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS $14

Oo, A Vacation | NEIPA | 5.4%%

An experimental IPA made for the first time. This beer is brewed with a pils base malt and flaked emmer from Thrall Family Malt in Windsor, CT and hops from the great state of Michigan!

POURS Taproom Can:$8      GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS: $16

Little Piggy | Spiced Amber Ale | 7.3%

This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy started the smoker. This little piggy had roast beef because if he’s going down, Bessie is too! This little piggy had none. And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to the party because he brought this beer with him. As far as we’ve heard, 4 out of 5 piggies agree that BBQ is delicious.

This beer is a celebration of the sweet flavors found in meat cooked over the open flame- spice from Szechuan peppercorns, sweetness from molasses and brown sugar, and a kick from cayenne, all blended harmoniously in this refreshing amber ale.

We may have this nursery rhyme wrong but this beer is just right.

Taproom Can  $7      GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS  $16

Pinkies Up | Sparkling Hard Tea | 4.6%

A collaboration with Sound & Half Time this Hard Tea features Rose, Hibiscus, Strawberry and Nelson Sauvin Hops.

Taproom Can: $6.50       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $20

Rev Up The Bubbles | Mango Hard Seltzer | 5.1%


Taproom Can: $5       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $11

Rev Up The Bubbles | Passion Fruit Hard Seltzer | 5.1%


Taproom Can: $5       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $11

Rev Up The Bubbles | Variety Pack (Mango, Pineapple, Passion Fruit) | 5.1%


Taproom Can: $5       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS to go $11


Barrel Aged Small Batch Series #1| Imperial Stout | 12.6%

This imperial stout is aged 9 months in Litchfield Distillery bourbon barrels and modeled after an old fashioned cocktail – so it includes cherry, vanilla and orange peel.

Taproom: —    GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       22oz Bottle to go $19

Redwood  | West Coast IPA | 7.2%

Fun fact, the proper name for redwoods are Sequoioideae. Another fun fact, West Coast style IPAs are still just as delicious as they ever were.

We know there are a ton of New England style IPAs on the shelves these days, and you’ll probably be seeing us reach for one of them from time to time. But sometimes, sometimes we need to remember our roots.

West Coast style IPAs helped the craft beer category make a name for itself, so we wanted to try our hands at bringing another one to the table. This IPA has been generously hopped with Cascade and Nugget hops to bring out the bitter and piney flavors we come to love from the style. We hope you enjoy!

Just like the name implies, it’s a Double IPA with Citra hops. Perfect for relaxing those tense shoulders after a hard day’s work.

POURS 10oz: $–  | 16oz: —      GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS $16

Oh The Wonder | Imperial Coffee Stout Aged in Basil Hayden Barrels | 9.1%

And, Oooo the wonder.. mmhmm.. felt the lightning. Last summer when you were workin’ on your night moves with our Coffee Imperial Stout, we were working on our own night moves and aging some of that delicious stout in bourbon barrels.

Seven months later our collaboration child with BD Provisions and Rooster Malt is ready to enjoy with sipping pleasure. The delicious chocolate, sweet maltyness and delightful coffee flavor from the beer are now well complimented by notes of vanilla, oak and a mellow bourbon sweetness.

So grab a glass and let us wonder at your night moves.

PINTS 10oz: —   | 16oz: —       GROWLERS 32oz: —   |  64oz: —       CANS $20


Jonathan Edwards Winery | Wine By The Glass | North Stonington, CT

Stone Table White
Primitivo Rosé

GLASS $8.50

Sound Tea | Sparkling Tea – Alcohol Free

Rose Tea + Lime & Cardamom (caffeine free)
Yerba Mate Tea  + Citrus & Hibiscus (70mg caffeine)
Green Tea + Mint & Grapefruit (45mg caffeine)

Bottle $4


LesserEvil |Snacks

Firey Hot – Paleo Puffs

“No Cheese” Cheesynees – Paleo Puffs

Ranch – Veggie Sticks

Himalayan Pink Salt – Veggie Sticks

BAG $5

Bureau’s Sugarhouse | Maple Kettle Korn

BAG $4

West Side Jerky | Beef Jerky

Hot & Spicy, Original Teriyaki

BAG $9

Find Us On Tap!

We’d love to have you come by the brewery for a pint, but we get it, some times you like a little variety in life, like our tap list. So for you guys, check out the list below of where we’re on tap:

    • Note Kitchen & Bar – Bethel
    • 850 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza – Ridgefield
    • Notch 8 – Bethel
    • Nostranos – Newtown
    • Michael’s Tap Room – Bethel
    • Foundry Kitchen & Tavern – Newtown
    • Good Old Days – Newtown
    • Lucas Local – Newtown
    • Centrico – Bethel
    • Cover Two – Newtown
    • Newtown Country Club – Newtown

Visit the tap room and get lost in a beer