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    Our list of beers awaiting to be sipped at the tasting room.


Pink Boots – Pucker Up | Sour Ale with Lemon and Blueberry | 5.7%

We tried to make a mini blueberry pie, but it just turned into a little tart.

When life gives you lemons, Pucker Up and turn them into sour ale.

What’s better than two fruit inspired jokes? This beer. In collaboration with the Pink Boots Society, this is a balanced sour made with lemon and blueberry puree. This ale has a sour kiss of tart lemon and ripe blueberry flavor that is crisp enough to drink more than one.

$1 from every pint and 4 pack sold will be donated back to the Pink Boots Society, which you can learn more about here!


POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $8       GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16       CANS  $16


It seems too easy to steal from your employers sometimes. A paper clip here. A post-it note there. 3 hours to research that new sofa you need for the living room. That’s called time theft my friend. It’s also known as “double dipping”. And don’t worry… your secret is safe with us.
We brewed this beer to take the edge off of that stress you feel after heavy hours of double dipping and not working on that sales deck because you needed to get the best fantasy line up this coach has ever coached!
Just like the name implies, it’s a Double IPA with Citra hops. Perfect for relaxing those tense shoulders after a hard day’s work.

POURS 10oz: $6  | 16oz: —       GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16       Cans: $16

Tricerahops | NEIPA | 6.3%

Humulus Lupulus Herbivorous Chasmosaurine Ceratopsid, or more commonly referred to as, Tricerahops, roamed the land some 83.5 to 66 million years ago in the Laurasia region.

Tricerahops was sought after by many other dinosaurs of its time for the delicious aroma wafting from the three dominant horns on their skull.

It is thought that Tyrannosaurus Rex would often hunt the creatures down by the half dozen and bring them to their potential mate as a sign of romantic intentions.

In this can you’ll find three hops that best represent what we believe to be the aromas and flavors oft sought by so many an ancient lizard friend.

Medusa, Gemini, and Cashmere hops.

POURS 10oz: $5 | 16oz: $8 GROWLERS 32oz: 9 | 64oz: $16 Cans : $16

You’re STILL on Mute | Kölsch | 5.6%

The return of our Kölsch Your On Mute but for this batch we slightly tweaked the grain bill to get a lighter and more complete tasting beer.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS  $14

Mr. Svenning | Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout | 6.7%

One good turn deserves another, as they say. So maybe this is one beer that you should share with a friend or perhaps someone not so much a friend but is in need of a really solid hand shake….

This beer pours with a jet black appearance and has heavy notes of roasted barely, chocolate and biscuit malts. The chocolate flavor has been dialed up with generous additions of cacao powder. The nutty and biscuit character of the beer has been complimented with a hint of salt to provide a beer that you can have more than one pint of while feel like you’re enjoying a delicious chocolate covered pretzel.

Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS: $14

Oo, A Farmstand | Strawberry Citra Pale Ale | 5.4%

Introducing the next beer in our Oo Experimental series.

This Pale Ale is loaded with pounds of Citra hops & strawberry and comes in at 5.4%, making it a perfectly refreshing Pale Ale to enjoy out on our patio in the sun!

POURS 10oz: $5 | 16oz: $8       GROWLERS 32oz: $9  |  64oz: $16       CANS : $16

Soak Up The Berries | Strawberry Blonde Ale | 5.2%

Here comes the berries doo doo doo doo, here comes the lemon, and say, it’s alright. Well actually I say it’s fantastic! Just in time for more sun, warmer weather and hanging outside we bring you a refreshing light blonde ale with lemon peel and strawberries to welcome the spring season.

There’s nothing sweet about this beer, it’s well balanced with all flavors and super sessionable. Just what everyone needs after a rough day from their annual strawberry hunting excursion.

So why not get your berry pickin’ hands around a pint?

PINTS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7      GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14      CANS: $14

Banana Stand | Hefeweizen | 5.7%

There’s always money in the banana stand. OK, there’s actually no bananas in this beer, and it’s not actually a stand BUT there is a pleasing banana flavor brought on by the yeast we used.
We additionally took our time with this beer during the mash to help those yeast extract some more banana flavor from the heavy amount of wheat malt that was used. This is a dry wheat beer with unique esters and phenols of banana and a subtle hit of cloves complimented by a modest addition of Cascade hops.

So how much clearer can we say say, “There’s always money in the banana stand!”

PINTS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7      GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14      CANS: $14

Cheers |  Raspberry Champagne Seltzer   | 6%

POURS: 10oz $5 | 16oz $7   GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS – $11

Chock Full O’Nut’In | Nut Brown Ale | 4%

Does this beer contain any nuts? I have a peanut allergy. It’s Chock Full O Nut’in. Haha, OK, thanks… but seriously does it have nuts in it I’m like DEATHLY allergic to nuts.

Like I said, it’s Chock Full O Nut’in. Right… but I see here it says “nut” brown ale. Does that mean you put “nuts” in the beer? Nut’in. Ugh, just give me a cider.

Unfortunately sometimes life forces you to get complicated. Fortunately though there’s a beer like Chock Full O Nut’in, a sessionable beer nicely balanced with biscuit, chocolate and caramel malt flavors. Complimented by a slight hop bitterness.
And to answer the peanut question, it’s Chock Full O Nut’in.

POURS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14      CANS: $14

Viva La Lager  | Mexican Style Dark Lager | 5.3%

With summer on the way, lager season approaches. Viva La Lager! We wanted to bring you a lager that could be enjoyed all day and with any meal. While it still has a light flavor profile it’s bold enough to hold up to whatever summer occasion you have planned.

At first sip you’re left with a mild sweetness that gives way to some hop bitterness. By your next sip you’re enjoying the myriad of flavors from several malts, including caramel, roasted barley and corn. And by the third sip you’re raising your fist to the air and shouting Viva La Lager with us!

So here’s to that next sip and enjoying a lager filled summer.

PINTS 10oz: $5  | 16oz: $7      GROWLERS 32oz: $8  |  64oz: $14       CANS: $14

Halcyon Cider & Mead Works

Dry Cider | 5.5%

A dry and fizzy hard cider made by Halcyon Cider & Mead Works, with delicate notes of apples.

16 oz GLASS $7

  • – – – – –

Dry Long Mead 15.5%

6oz pour $12


Beach Buoys | Bahama Mama inspired BA IPA | 9.9%

Cans to go only

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama… ah there’s nothing like the feeling of your toes in the sweet warm sand with a tiki drink in your hand! That’s why we’re bringing you this tiki cocktail inspired IPA. And what better cocktail to inspire us than the Bahama Mama. This beer features juicy pineapple, fresh coconut, pomegranate and lime complemented by El Dorado and Wai-iti hops. We also aged this beauty in coconut rum barrels for a touch of that Caribbean flavor. Some come on, baby why don’t we go… to a place called living out your daydreams.

POURS: none  GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS – $20

Whipped Pickle Delight | A collaboration w Alvarium Beer co – Imperial Pickled Strawberry Whipped Cream Ale | 9.6%

This imperial cream ale is inspired by pickled strawberries with whipped cream. This beer has faint malt notes and low bitterness. With a mildly sweet corn-like aroma that is complimented by strawberries and whipped cream. For an added kick there’s a slight acidic tang from pickeling vinegar.

PINTS 5oz:-  | 16oz: —      GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS: $18

Sourry Not Sourry | Gruit with Spices | 4.2%

Taproom Pour and cans to go available

Beer exploration gives us a bad itch. And baby, we’ve had the baddest. You holdin’ something savage. You can have this can, have this (ah). And it’d be nice if it had hops or wild yeast ya, but nah.

Sourry Not Sourry.

We made this beer for everyone, but we have to dare to all you sour lovers and hop heads out there to try it. You’ll be amazed by a beer made without hops or wild yeasts. This beer was made with Elderflower, Green Cardamom and Cracked Fennel. Delivering a surprisingly tart and session-able beer with notes of spearmint and licorice.

POURS Taproom Can: $7       GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS – $14

Little Piggy | Spiced Amber Ale | 7.3%

Taproom Pour and cans to go available

This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy started the smoker. This little piggy had roast beef because if he’s going down, Bessie is too! This little piggy had none. And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to the party because he brought this beer with him. As far as we’ve heard, 4 out of 5 piggies agree that BBQ is delicious.

This beer is a celebration of the sweet flavors found in meat cooked over the open flame- spice from Szechuan peppercorns, sweetness from molasses and brown sugar, and a kick from cayenne, all blended harmoniously in this refreshing amber ale.

We may have this nursery rhyme wrong but this beer is just right.

Taproom Can  $7      GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       CANS  $14

Cold Brew| Coffee Porter | 7%

Taproom Pour and cans to go available

Wake up. Get dressed. Get coffee.
Wake up. Get dressed. Get coffee.
Wake up. Get dressed. Start to sweat?! Get cold brewed coffee.

Summer is the season for iced cold brewed coffee. We wanted to pair that coffee profile with a beer that was made in a similar fashion. We not only cold steeped coffee from Redding Roasters to make some delicious cold brew, but we cold steeped our dark grains to reduce the amount of bitterness introduced into this beer.

The process is a bit more time intensive, but the results are worth it. This beer has a smooth body which allows more malt sweetness to shine forward than your standard porter. The addition of Kenyan coffee adds a full body coffee richness you’d expect in your morning routine. One sip and you might just reconsider that morning routine one more time.

Taproom Can  $8      GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —      CANS $16


Barrel Aged Small Batch Series #1 | Imperial Stout | 12.6%

This imperial stout is aged 9 months in Litchfield Distillery bourbon barrels and modeled after an old fashioned cocktail – so it includes cherry, vanilla and orange peel.

Taproom: —    GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       22oz Bottle to go $20

Barrel Aged Small Batch Series #2 | Triple IPA | 13.6%

This triple IPA is aged 4 months in coconut rum barrels and modeled after a piña colada  – so it includes pineapple and toasted coconut flakes.

Taproom: —    GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       22oz Bottle to go $20

BA Plum Palooza | Belgian Golden Strong Ale w Plum | 10.4%

Barrel aged version of last years Plum Palooza, aged a year in Justin Merlot barrels.

Taproom: —    GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       22oz Bottle to go $20

Barrel Aged Small Batch Series #4 | Quad | 10.6%

Quad aged 14 months in Hanging Hill Barrels.

Taproom: —    GROWLERS 32oz: —  |  64oz: —       22oz Bottle to go $20


Jonathan Edwards Winery | Wine By The Glass | North Stonington, CT

Stone Table White


Sound Tea | Sparkling Tea – Alcohol Free

Rose Tea + Lime & Cardamom (caffeine free)
Yerba Mate Tea  + Citrus & Hibiscus (70mg caffeine)
Green Tea + Mint & Grapefruit (45mg caffeine)

Bottle $4


LesserEvil |Snacks

Firey Hot – Paleo Puffs

“No Cheese” Cheesynees – Paleo Puffs

Ranch – Veggie Sticks

Himalayan Pink Salt – Veggie Sticks

BAG $5

Bureau’s Sugarhouse | Maple Kettle Korn

BAG $4

West Side Jerky | Beef Jerky

Hot & Spicy, Original Teriyaki

BAG $9

Find Us On Tap!

We’d love to have you come by the brewery for a pint, but we get it, some times you like a little variety in life, like our tap list. So for you guys, check out the list below of where we’re on tap:

    • Note Kitchen & Bar – Bethel
    • 850 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza – Ridgefield
    • Notch 8 – Bethel
    • Nostranos – Newtown
    • The Quarter – Newtown
    • Barberie’s Grill – Danbury
    • The Farmhouse – Newtown
    • Maggie McFly’s – Brookfield
    • Matto Wine Bar – Shelton
    • Strikers – Brookfield
    • Oconnor’s – Brookfield
    • Lucas Local – Southbury
    • Centrico – Bethel
    • Cover Two – Newtown
    • The CUE – Danbury
    • Hoodoo Brown – Ridgefield
    • L’Uva – Brookfield
    • Cool Hand Dukes – New Milford
    • 1850 House – Southbury
    • Sugar Hollow Tap Room – Danbury
    • Good Old Days – Newtown
    • The Foundry – Newtown
    • The White Horse – New Preston
    • Michael’s Taproom – Bethel
    • Hop Haus – Plantsville
    • 1731 Pub & Grille – Middlefield
    • Yellow King Brews – Wallingford
    • TK’s American Cafe – Danbury

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