• Tapping Your Vote

    Each tap pour is a vote for what you want Reverie to do.


How To Tap Your Vote

To celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary we thought it would be fun to give some power to the people. We’ve assigned each tap line a designated action that will take place the weekend of our party or shortly thereafter.

The actions tie to the tap line, not the beer, so if you’re here before our 2 Year Party and we change up the lineup for the weekend, don’t worry, your vote goes towards what action you want to win.

You don’t need to buy a slot to attend our 2 Year to cast a vote, just buy a pint off whatever tap you want to win out from the below list and we’ll tally it.
Happy tapping!

  1. Mark can only listen to Metal for a week. Ryan can only listen to Country for a week. Frank can only listen to jam bands for a week.
  2. Donate money to the Everwonder Children’s Museum.
  3. Mark, Ryan, and Frank will each have a whipped cream pie smashed into their faces.
  4. Mark and Ryan have to play golf with Frank.
  5. Mark, Ryan, and Frank will have a grain bag sack race across the parking lot. If they don’t beat the blimp around the track they have to wear grain bags for the week.
  6. Mark, Ryan, and Frank each take turns one Saturday waving people into the brewery in a Hot Dog costume with their own pun sign.
  7. Mark and Ryan brew Barn 9 with only written instruction from Frank.
  8. Mark can only drink dark beers for a week. Ryan can only drink one ounce pours for a week. Frank can only uncarbonated beer for a week…
  9. Mark, Ryan, and Frank get in the brew kettle and sing happy birthday to Reverie.
  10. One of the tables who attends the 2 Year party will win a case of beer.
  11. Mark, Ryan, and Frank have to learn a TikTok dance and share it on Instagram.
  12. Bar staff has to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.
  13. Mark, Ryan, and Frank will face off in a limbo contest under the forklift.
  14. Frank makes a pastry IPA…

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