Coming Soon To Newtown, CT

Pleasantly lost in the thoughts of our next beer.

That’s how the five owners of this brewery currently spend their days. What started as quietly thinking about relaxing at the end of the day with an IPA quickly flourished from pining over the success of other craft breweries to the reality of creating floor plans and refining beer recipes.

Reverie Brewing Company’s vision is to create and promote high-quality great tasting beer for beer lovers to enjoy. We strive to be a positive and honest partner to the community and to brew craft beers with integrity while focusing on sustainability.

Our goal is to be one of those sparks of pure reverie our patrons get caught off guard by when filling out that TPS report. Or maybe the thought of us can hold you over when that dude comes over to give you “constructive criticism”.

We like to imagine we’re not the only ones who get lost in pure reverie from time to time. And if that’s you, sign up to follow the story and be one of the first to witness a dream turn into reality.